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Using design for good

Why should the big companies have all the fun? I offer excellent, well-crafted design to effectively tell the stories that matter most.
If you represent a church or non-profit organization, let’s start a conversation about how I can do this for you.
Promo Art
Oceans of Grace
Zip It
7th Annual Lawndale 5K
Faith in the Trenches
6th Annual Lawndale 5K
Celebration of Christmas

I want to tell your story

Do you have a big idea to communicate? A topic that could use a striking visual companion? Teaming up with HellothisisJeff is your complete solution. I’ll come alongside your vision and help turn your idea into a pixel-perfect illustration. Before you ever get up to speak or engage with your audience, the graphics we create will capture their attention and prime the pump.

Celebration of Christmas
The graphics Jeff did for us were stellar. He has the ability to capture an idea through an image that both grabs your attention and invokes your imagination. His graphics always teed up the content we were going to unpack together in an engaging way. I highly recommend his work!
Aaron Brockett
Lead Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church
Open Door Program Logo
Hope Fruit Logo
TPCC Brand
Hope for Haiti
Thrive Branding
High Impact Logo
The Pursuit Logo

Branding is more than a logo

Any point of interaction a person has with your organization affects their perception and defines your brand. Consistency is crucial – you don’t want to keep them guessing. The experience should be purposeful and intentional every time – the same colors, fonts, textures, tone of voice, lighting, personality, and yes, logo, time after time after time.

The Pursuit Logo
I frequently asked guests how they found out about us and what they liked and didn’t like about the church. A comment I heard over and over was they loved The Pursuit’s logo. What really stood out to me about Jeff through the creative process was that he wouldn’t be satisfied until we were satisfied.
Matt & Janie Mehaffey
Church Planters / Orphan Advocates
Short-Term Mission Trips Brochure
Say Hello Books
Worship Guide Template
Green Tomato Cafe Brand Refresh
Shepherd Capital Campaign Media Kit
Open Door Program Brochure
High Impact Basketball Camp

Design that knows no bounds

What do you want to create today? Have a brochure in mind that welcomes newcomers and explains what you’re all about? Perhaps an invite to your next community event that really pops? Going big with a billboard or outdoor signage? Whatever you can think of, HellothisisJeff Design has got you covered for your next big impression.

High Impact Basketball Camp
Jeff did a great job creating the cover design for my book. He took a genuine interest in my project and spent the time to understand the concept I was trying to communicate. He has an uncanny ability to translate thoughts and ideas into appealing designs that tell a story. He was easy to reach, professional, and met a rather tight production schedule. I will definitely use Jeff in the future.
Gene Harker MD PhD
Author of Pause Points: The Mindful Pursuit of Health and Well-Being
Encourage Church Theme
Thrive Website
Greg Nettle Blog
Children’s Harbor Website

Communicate with more than just words

The most important feature of any website or email design is the information it conveys. Words alone, however, are not enough to effectively communicate to your audience … but neither are words smothered with distracting and overcooked visuals. HellothisisJeff Design strikes a pleasing balance between form and function with every web and email design.

Children’s Harbor Website
Jeff is one of the best at resourcing and sharing his gift of insightful design. His nonstop flow of creative brilliance fuses with unparalleled insight into the project at hand. It's refreshing. Add in his professional character, and you can expect delivery of timeless and creative design work that always takes it to the next level.
Jason Otis
VP Marketing and Business Development, Axletree Media