Suitcase Fusion v9 Review

I was recently asked whether I had any thoughts on the newest version of the font management software Suitcase Fusion and if it would be worth the upgrade.

I downloaded the free trial of version 9 and gave it a spin, but it seems like the issues that originated in version 8’s completely redesigned user interface still persist in version 9. I made a quick walkthrough video to show what the issues look like, and why I’ll be sticking with the tried and true UI of version 7.


But be aware that by not upgrading you are losing out on the auto-activation feature that syncs your fonts in Adobe CC apps. For some, this may be worth the upgrade fee and the UI headaches that follow.

I’m also disappointed in Extensis for completely getting rid of their customer forums, which is where the design community voiced our strong disapproval for the version 8 redesign. Instead of listening to their customer base, they’ve decidedly chosen to ignore and even silence it.

What font management software is your go-to? Are there any emerging apps that can rival what the former versions of Suitcase Fusion could do?