The Secret Power of Words

I recently had the pleasure of creating another article graphic for Sunday Magazine. With a title as cool as this one, I wanted it to feel like you were on a quest to unlock some long-hidden, ancient riddle.

The maze idea kind of sprang from that thinking, and before I knew it, I was creating a pretty intricate labyrinth with but one solution (I think). Unfortunately, I created the maze as a square and soon discovered that the final art size dictated that I rearrange some of the outer parts of the maze to fit, so I'm not sure that the maze has just one solution anymore, or any solution for that matter.

Posted below are a few screen captures that show the process of creating this piece from start to finish. Also, go check out the article at


1. Creating the grid and letterforms.


2. Subtracting out the maze channels.


3. Adding depth.


4. Adding color and drama.

Final detail shot

Final detail shot



Download a full-screen version for your desktop, free! The Secret Power of Words (2560px)