Inspired by Indy

After spending the month of January in Memphis, driving back into my hometown of Indianapolis the week before it hosted the Super Bowl was something akin to entering the promised land. Everything seemed so nice and new.

No more construction, newly paved roads, and buildings decked out with Super Bowl XLVI fanfare. The Super Bowl Village in the heart of downtown was, to say the least, impressive. It was by far the biggest event Indy has ever put on, and in every aspect from the signs to the volunteer force to the ziplines to the unseasonably warm weather, it left everyone who got to experience a portion of the festivities feeling a remarkable sense of awe and pride in our city. I was no exception. So to celebrate the incredible success Indy had hosting the world's biggest sporting event, I created the "Inspired by Indy" design and am giving it away free for anyone to use as a desktop or mobile wallpaper. Feel free to download and share it to show your pride for a world-class city.

Desktop versions:


iPhone version: