Won't You Be My Valentine?

'Tis the week for wooing and swooning (and sometimes spewing), and as such, I'm pleased to present a series of pieces I did for Rosewood Park Alliance Church to promote their annual Valentine's event.

This year, the event includes a comic stand-up routine, so rather than take a typical approach for a church-sponsored date night and saturate everything with red hearts and scantily-clad Cupids, I tried giving it a late-night, comedy club feel with shades of midnight blues and neon pinks. Rather than call it a banquet, we recast it quite simply as a "dinner and comedy show" with the tagline of "Love to laugh. Laugh to love." The goal in this was to attract not just church-goers or the older crowd, but young marrieds from the community. The various promotional pieces included posters, screen graphics, ticket designs, and a billboard. If this event were here instead of in Canada (though my client is insisting that I move there), I think my quest for Valentine's Day plans might just be at an end.